The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Monday, June 30, 2014


  Well it happened.  

  We are now the proud (very proud) parents of a college graduate. 

  Can't believe we are that old!   
  Can't believe SHE is that did that happen?   

  Cory graduated mid-May from The University of California at Berkeley with a major in Film and Media.  Wow.  I think it was the happiest and saddest day of her life.  Happiest for obvious reasons, and saddest as she loved living in Berkeley, loved the school, and most of all loved her many friends there.  She not only did school, but was on the Crew team as a coxswain for 2 1/2 years then threw herself into all things "film".  Clubs, groups, film showings, and even a founding member of a professional film fraternity.  
  We traveled (all of us) to Nor Cal to go to the main campus graduation ceremony in their new stadium.  It was lovely.  Then hung out at Cory's house and had dinner with her, some of her friends and her first year's roomie's parents.  It was a great, but fast weekend.  Cory stayed there to enjoy the last 2 weeks of her lease, and Jamie flew up for Cory's department ceremony and then they packed up her stuff and went white water river rafting (Jamie's grad gift to her sister) then came home.  
  Cory is living at home now, madly trying to make as much money as she can (hostessing, housesitting, babysitting, and hoping an un-paid movie industry internship turns into a paying internship...) before she starts school again.  She applied to, and was accepted by Chapman University's Dodge Film School for her MFA (masters of fine arts) in Film and Editing.  It's a 3 year course (groan...and a private school...double groan) and only a 20 minute drive from our house, so she will live here and commute.  The course sounds pretty busy, with lots of projects, so I am not really sure how much we will see of her, but we are so happy to get more time with the kid, who is no longer a kid...but a lovely, grown up, college grad!

                                                                Pomp and Circumstance

 Cory in front of her beloved home for the last 2 old frat house.  The frat was shut down years ago, and the house was turned into a privately                                  owned pseudo-apartment.  

 Cory with her two roomies, and dear friends.  She was one of the lucky ones who's roommates became her best friends.

                                                                 Going for crepes.

                                                    Jamie at Cory's department ceremony

                                 Cory's Department Ceremony