The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A great year for Kelly

First day of Kindergarden:

Last day of school:

She had a wonderful year.  
 We were so lucky to have a great teacher and some really nice friends at school.  Kelly grew 3 1/2 inches this year, gained muscle and weight, her speech is clear enough for most everyone to understand her on the first try (yeah!) and her self confidence has improved dramatically.  She is reading level One books, which is something we are pleasantly surprised about and very pleased about.  Kiddos with speech and language issues often struggle with literacy, but Kelly has so far kept up with, and exceeded, the expected goals that are set for Kinder these days....goals which were much hader than when the Bigs were in Kinder!

She belongs to a Daisy Troop (Girl Scouts for Kinder and 1st graders) that is a super bunch of girls and moms.  The local council has put on a Father-Daughter Dance for many years, and Ron got to go to yet another one.  Same place, same tux, just different theme (Roaring 20's).  

June also means Kelly's Family Day, which is the anniversary of her adoption.  Every year I have put her in the clothes she came to us in and taken a picture.  The cute little outfit was huge on her at the time, so there was room for her to keep doing that until this year.  She has grown so much there was no way to put it on her.  And as you can see by the shoes, that wasn't going to happen either.
My little girl is more "girl" now, than "little".  And while I am sad it's going so fast, I couldn't be prouder of her and all she has done.