The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quick update

Our days are still looonnnggg sometimes, but Drew is still on fast forward with her progress. 
One of her happiest parts of the day is feeding the dogs, who she intently watches while they eat, right down next to their faces.  Food is still a REALLY big deal for her, and woe unto me if I am late making dinner, or forget to carry baggies of goldfish or Cheerios in my purse while out.  Speech is still so delayed, but we have a little imitation going on, and Dada and "Mama".  Well, not really "Mama" but ear splitting, full lunged: "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMA".  Jamie thinks it's funny, I do not.  But it is forward movement.  Putting her down to sleep has improved dramaticly too these days, freeing up precious time for me, so that is a huge bonus.  She has been seeing some Dr.s and had a Regional Services eval, so we should be starting Speech Therapy soon.  She and I also are doing Mommy and Me swim lessons, which go great, as long as the instructor (any instructor) doesn't try to touch her.  Poor teacher and class thought I was kidding when I tried to explain that Drew wouldn't be happy about being touched, let alone HELD, by a stranger...she set them straight on how serious she was about that "rule" of hers!  The girl has lungs, and while it's a good thing for swimming, not so good in an echo-y enclosed swim area.
She and Kelly continue to act more and more like regular siblings...squabling one minute, kissing the next.  They are pretty different, and will be very good for each other, if they live so long!  Drew is pretty aggressive and only knows taking and hitting as means of getting things, while Kelly has spent the last 2 1/2 years getting pretty much whatever she wants by just asking, so I expect a "showdown" any day for them, to decide who really is the big sister, and who should be the little sis.
Life is good, exhausting, but good.

Monday, February 6, 2012

   Thought I'd add a few pictures of our weekend.  Or at least Jamie's weekend.  Winter Formal.  She was beautiful, the boyfriend handsome and the little sisters were in awe.  And I didn't hear of any broken ankles due to jaw-droppingly high heels.  I am impressed at these girls ability to walk in those darn shoes, but still think they are crazy for attempting it.
   Life is settling down and a routine is starting to surface... a crazed mom trying to get two little, slowwww, kids out of the house 3 days a week to Kelly's Speech and school.  Drew tagging along and mostly happy except for when I try to leave the Pre-school.  I'm not sure if it's because we are leaving Kelly, or the school or both, but she pitches a fit when we go and that is a good thing!  Great to know she wants her sister and the school.  We are filling our days getting Kelly's events in, Drew's Dr. appointments in, and have even started Mom and Me swim.  Drew must be part fish, as she immediately put her face in, blows bubbles and enjoys being on her back in the water, all very surprising for me to see.
  Jamie and Cory are busy at their schools, Kelly's month long cough/sinus infection is clearing, Ron hasn't left for China yet for work (soon) and the dogs are getting kisses from Drew on a regular is good.