The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A "Dolphin Princess"

  I swore I wasn't going to jump into all the typical "kid stuff" early with these younger two....plenty of time to do all that.  But I forgot that I am not in this alone.  
   Jamie and Cory began asking when Kelly would start AYSO soccer last year.  I said "later" and meant a few years later.  They complained and demanded.  I ignored them pretty much, but realized in May that every time I came to pick Kelly up at Preschool, she was not playing dolls with the other girls, or dress up, but more often than not, she was playing soccer with the boys.  Hmmmmm.   So I signed her up for Fall and today was her first practice.  Great location (her soon to be new school), great time, and looks like great coach and girls.  She was pretty unsure of herself for the first few minutes, but by the time she was done, she was hooked.  I know because of the grin at the end and when I asked her how it was she replied: "It was STUPENDOUS Mom!"  Didn't know she knew the word.  The girls decided the team name would be "The Dolphin Princesses".
   It's been a busy, sometimes a little rough, summer.  Her surgery held no surprises, thankfully, but still was a kink in the summer eating and fun.  We go tomorrow for the post-op (8 weeks now) and expect the Dr. to be pleased.  The Speech therapists are, and now the work starts to correct all the compensatory speech issues that Kelly used to self correct her fistula and short soft palate.  They are very hopeful that most all the remaining issues can be worked out.  YEAH!  Kelly will still see the private SLP and will start with SLPs at school again, after being out of the school SLP program for a year (not by choice).  We expect to continue to see improvement in the next year.  She is growing, speaking more and more and is SO ready for Kindergarten, we can't wait to see her take flight this year.  She is an easy going, sometimes shy, sweet kid, who wants to please.  Kelly is also getting a little bit tougher and a little more crafty, thanks to Drew....who is a Tasmanian Devil in the body of an adorable little 3 yr old.  Come on 4th birthday!  So far, the other 3 girls have all made their magic turn-around at about 4yrs. I am ever hopeful for Drew.  Thinking soccer might be happening early for the little gremlin, anything to wear that one out!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Montecito Sequoia Lodge

My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary (yes, 60th!) this June, and very generously took the whole family to a place called Montecito Sequoia Lodge Family Camp for a week.  It is a beautiful lodge in the Sequoia National Forrest that has all kinds of fun activities for people of all ages.  We had a blast, spent time in the redwoods, and most importantly spent time with family.  What a wonderful gift they gave us!

Mom and Dad, toasting their 60th

                                                               The Runner family

                          Kelly dressed for Cowboy Night on the 4th of July, practicing her "wink"s

                                       The beautiful lake was great for all kinds of activities.

Drew loved her counselors and the cool new things she got to try, like horseback riding.