The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer Recap

Kelly trying out the spring board at swim lessons

Drew thinking about trying out the spring board at swim lessons

Family hike at the Isthmus on Catalina Island

Two new Aztecs helping Jamie move to San Diego State University

First day of Kindergarten, new luchbox, new snack bag, and newly lost tooth
Well Summer is over, school has begun, and I've finally found some of the pictures that show a few of the highlights of our summer.   
  Kelly and Drew both did lots of swimming, lots.  Kelly is not only pool safe but has some nice style in her strokes.  Drew thinks she's pool safe, but that won't really be till next summer, though she loves the water and is very comfortable, and can get a little way on her own.
  We were able to fit in a great weekend on Catalina, just the 6 of us, on my parents boat.  Beautiful weather, great time and lots of fun.
  Late August we all drove Jamie to her dorm at San Diego State University to drop her off.  This is my second experience leaving a child in a new "home" and driving away.  It hasn't gotten any easier; as a mom it is still really really hard. Really hard.  On a positive note, Jamie seems to be very happy and settling in well, even with a hectic schedule of rowing and school and managing to fit in a social life.  Ahh to be young!
  Then Ron drove Cory back to Cal, for her senior year (did I just type that?!) She had worked hard here this summer and I think was looking forward to seeing her friends and getting back to school.  Same house and roommate as last year, so very little changes for her in that regard.
  Kelly started Kindergarten in Sept.  After much hoopla talking it up, and prepping for the big day, she sat at the breakfast table that morning, calmly eating her breakfast, and mentioned that her tooth was "out".  I corrected her and said, "no honey, your tooth is loose, not "out" yet, but soon."  She promptly handed me her tooth, finished her breakfast and got ready for school. first day of school AND first tooth lost!  Such milestones.  She is handling school very well, enjoying it and comes home chatting about all that went on.  This is great to see, as we had kept her from starting school last year when she was technically supposed to start, but obviously (to us) not ready. Nice to make a call like that and see your instincts were correct!
  So with all those young ladies off and at their schools, it leaves Drew and I to hold down the fort.  Drew does go to preschool 2 1/2 days a week, which is great for her (and me), but the transition of both older girls leaving and Kelly at a new school has been very hard for Drew to deal with.  I often forget that things like that are still difficult for her sometimes.  She has come so far, but between being a 3 yr. old and still learning to control and modulate her emotions there are still long days here at the old homestead.  "This too shall pass" as my mom says...