The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Tis the Season

  November and December have always been crazy months for us, as they are for most families, but since adding Drew to our family, it's raised the chaos to new levels.  Then throw in a trip to Hawaii for the Littles, Ron and I in December and you've got happy mayhem.
  See it starts with Thanksgiving, then this year it was 3 days to Jamie's 20th birthday, 3 days to Hawaii, Drew's birthday IN Hawaii, get home, 5 days to my birthday, 5 days to Drew's Family (Gotcha) Day, 5 days to Christmas, and a week to New Year's.  Whew.
  We were so very very lucky to have all the girls here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was definitely a crazy month, but so worth it!


Jamie's 20th

Made their own leis in Hawaii

Drew turns 5!!

Drew's Family Day...home for 3 years.

Kelly loving her Christmas dress

Drew at Aunt and Uncle's house

The girls.

Love, joy, peace and happiness to you all.