The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Monday, March 31, 2014

Random Pictures

Wow, were did the time go? 

Seems the memory chip from the camera that took the Thanksgiving/Drew's birthday/Christmas photos is missing.  Well, not really missing, more like buried in a "to-do" pile somewhere.  My excuse for not posting has been that I can't find those pictures, but by now, I figure I needed to post something.

So here goes, a bunch of random peeks at what the Littles have been up to:

 Chinese New Year was fun, but the Lions were a little scary for Drew

Kelly has been learning all kinds of things: jump rope, roller skating, gymnastics.  So great to see her growing and having such a great time.

 Drew has some buddies she sees most everyday when we drop Kelly off for Kindergarten.  Here she is with two of them checking out some bugs.  One cutie she claims to be her "Prince".  Yup, as you can see from the following picture, she is a true girlie-girl.  All clothing must now be "a dress; flowery, sparkly or "fuffuly" (cross between fluffy and ruffly)".  

Kelly dresses up sometimes, but the cowboy boots with the Chinese traditional dress are as fancy as it gets for her.

  And believe it or not, they still sleep in the same bed.  We have two beds in the room, but even when I separate them, which isn't often, it doesn't last more than an hour or so before one of them gets up and goes to sleep with the other.  They are such "sisters" now.  Annoying each other, tattling on each other, sharing food, giggling till they fall down, and crying when the other gets in trouble.  
Life is so good.