The Darling Girls

The Darling Girls

Friday, June 15, 2012

Drew has surgery

As a few of you knew,  Drew had to have a benign tumor removed from her tailbone area. 
She was born with a Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, and this was either a recurrent, or residual, growth from the original growth (also benign) that was removed in China when she was born.  After several doctor appointments here, a MRI, and CAT scan needle biopsy, the doctors said it needed to come out.

We were supposed to go in last Friday, but ended up being admitted on Thurs evening. This was because we were supposed to do a complete "colon clean-out" by Thurs evening...but getting a 2 yr. old to voluntarily drink 1-2 liters of "Golytley" (think prep for colonoscopy) was just not possible. She was a trooper, and didn't mind the not eating part, but chugging the nasty stuff just wasn't happening.  Our surgeon wanted her to do this in case they had to invade the colon during the tumor removal. Anyway, by 4:00 we had only gotten down 1/2 liter, so the surgeon said we had to be admitted to do the rest by NG tube.

I'll not go into the dreadful details of the next 12 hr.s after being admitted, but it was not a night to remember. We were mentally and physically exhausted after it all, Drew was completely traumatized (rightly so) and we were almost happy to move on to surgery.

The surgeon told us that the duration of surgery and recovery depended on what he found once in. After almost 5 hrs of surgery, the Dr. was happy to tell us that it went as well as could be hoped for; no invasion of the colon, tumor removed, and the added surprise of finding some of the tailbone was still there. The coccyx was supposed to have been removed during the first surgery in China and the MRI here confirmed that....but I guess MRIs are not the final word...actually looking at it was. Anyway, the last of it was taken out, and Pathology confirmed it was indeed coccyx and the mass benign. Drew was stitched and glued up and after a few hours in recovery we went off to a regular room, skipping ICU. The Dr. said it went "perfectly" often do you hear that from a surgeon? Of course he also used the term "carve" when describing what he had to do, but I focused on "perfectly"!

We stayed in a private room after the surgery thankfully, which was to everyone's benefit, as by this time Drew had developed a hysterical reaction to any and all medical people entering the room (which happens constantly). Her recovery was very slow at first, too drugged, too many tubes and too weak and sore to move or eat. Monday at 8 am she still hadn't put weight on her legs, or sat up, but by 11:00 am that same day she was walking around the halls of the floor and by 2:00 was trying to climb out of the crib. We were released at 3:00, home by 4 and she is now starting to eat, is off the narcotics, and really her only restrictions are no baths or straddle toys and she still doesn't want to sit (too sore). She tires easily but is sleeping well and by next week I don't expect to see any signs of the rough 5 days she spent at CHOC...other than a fresh but nicer scar on her little bottom.

We are so thankful for all our friend's and family's support, care and love and very thankful to have that behind us!